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Alveo Land : High Street South For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 4,100,000 37 sqm
One Bedroom ₱ 5,500,000 64 sqm
Two Bedroom ₱ 10,500,000 93 sqm
Three Bedroom ₱ 15,000,000 130 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: 95 – 5 Scheme (with 10% discount)
95% DP within 30 days
5% balance payable over 1 year
Option 2: 95 – 5 Scheme (with 9% discount)
95% DP within 31-60 days after reservation
5% balance payable over 1 year
Option 3: 20 – 80 Scheme (9% discount)
20% Spot DP
80% payable in 60 days
Option 4: 50 – 50 Scheme (3% discount)
50% Spot DP
50% payable over 60 months
Option 5: 30 – 70 Scheme (1% discount)
30% Spot DP
70% balance payable over 60 months
Option 6: 20 – 80 Scheme
20% Spot DP
80% payable over 60 months
Option 7: 10 – 90 Scheme
10% Spot DP
90% payable over 60 months
Option 8: 10 – 10 – 80 Scheme
10% Spot DP
10% payable over 36 months
80% balance payable through BF
Option 9: 10 – 40 – 50 Scheme
10% Spot DP
40% payable over 48 months
50% balance payable through BF

Note: DP – Down payment
BF – Bank Finance

Reservation Fee: PHP 50,000


While it may seem all too good to be true, Bonifacio Global City’s High Street South is the one place you must consider investing in. Besides the property which is a leap into the future of modern day living, the amenities and the facilities available make it a good investment with no regrets whatsoever.

With the boom in real estate in the Philippines, many individuals now are thinking about to contribute. In contributing, individuals consider diverse things like area, unit sort, property sort or significantly designer. In this article, I will share why you ought to put resources into Fort Bonifacio, the Next Super City in Asia.

1. It is open and approachable. Fortress Bonifacio is at the Center of Business regions in Manila, appropriate in the focal point of Ortigas City, Makati City and Pasay. It really has 3 noteworthy get to streets to circumvent the Metro Manila. To start with is the C-5 street which will lead you to Ortigas, Eastwood and in case you're going south to tagaytay. Second street is Malayan street, which can lead you to Makati and Edsa. The third get to point is Mckinley Road in case you're going to Dasma Village, Makati and Edsa.

2. Way of life. Stronghold Bonifacio is the ideal mix and absolute opposite to Manila and Makati, drawing in business with both nearby or outside companies and also low-ascend and skyscraper lodging advancements, and top of the line townhouses; in this manner trying to wind up plainly a perfect city in the Philippines.

3. Rentals. The one thing that you ought to exceptionally consider is if your property can be leased later on a reliable premise. Fortress Bonifacio offers ventures where you have a caught showcase appropriate next to the townhouse.

4. Property Appreciation. Contrasted with other property ventures, land properties in Fort Bonifacio have the most elevated yield per annum, is less unstable than the share trading system, and it can be a support over expansion.

By prudence of having the perfect area, a world class end-all strategy of BGC by the most elite neighborhood engineers and some universal advisor in the field of urban plan, BGC has gotten a few media presentation all around the world – making it a top notch improvement. it is no big surprise why a few major organizations pick BGC as the ideal site for first class foundations.

Speculation can shift to various customers however what Fort Bonifacio offers are the best right at this point. On the off chance that you need to utilize your well-deserved cash to contribute, Fort Bonifacio would be justified regardless of your venture.

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